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The Journey process enables you to release, forgive/let go and heal. You are established in a relaxed setting where your traumatic memories and emotions are sensitively uncovered and resolved. In this way the greatest obstacles in your life become the fuel of your liberation. The process often enables healing that might never be achieved through traditional therapy approaches.


Note that doing ongoing Journeys, perhaps every one, two or three weeks or months, even annually, is a powerful way of continuing to improve and ensure your wellbeing. As each Journey stands alone it is completely your choice when and if you arrange further Journeys

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Before and after a Journey
It is ideal to take time before a Journey to be quiet or to meditate, also to eat only a little to allow space for emotional flow. Relax, there really is no wrong or right way to do a Journey – whatever comes up is the relevant to the issue and pattern that you’re healing. Everything is welcome and it’s more than fine to get it ‘wrong’.

It is advisable to have some quiet time after a Journey, ideally for the rest of the day. People very often feel refreshed and renewed after a Journey. Sometimes feelings and memories can come up for hours, even for days. If they do, let them flow, they are safe and healing. They are like beads falling off a broken necklace; once you’ve healed one issue you’ll find other related issues also fall away.

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Things came to a head for me with the death of my mother when I was 21. I didn’t know how to deal with it and grieve properly. I did some years of Jungian Art Therapy but it had little impact. I went on to do a fair bit of shamanic work, which was great, but it didn’t release the wild storm of feelings locked away within me. I knew these feelings were there, and the books of Alice Miller helped me to understand how and why they were there (also my DipPsych), but I didn’t have the key to release them.

Eventually, I heard Brandon Bays speak at Alternatives in London. I had mixed feelings about her presentation style, but her words had an impact and I bought her book The Journey. When I read it I felt it viscerally in my body. I decided to go to a Journey Intensive and the process I did that weekend was the key that unlocked the door of my held emotion…I didn’t even finish the process as there were so many tears of grief and pain. In that one process I released more by far than I’d released in three years of therapy.

I have had many Journeys since that first one and facilitated hundreds if not thousands as a Journey Practitioner. It is the single best technique I know of accessing and releasing held trauma and feelings.