“I have been on my healing journey for 10 years now, the Journeys I have experienced with Neil have been my deepest yet. He holds such a safe & loving space which allows you to completely surrender to the process of letting go. I am so pleased to have somehow found him! The lens of which I see life has changed forever. He is truly committed to helping people to move forward in their healing journey. I am sincerely grateful for him.” Charlotte, Bexley

“Something awesome is happening with my body and soul as a result of the Journey I did with Neil. I am now able to relax by following the simple techniques I learned. I am also surprised by the change in my reactions to events that before I would have struggled with.” Maria Vieira, Kent

“I’ve had six Journey sessions with Neil so far. He’s an inspiring guide through the process and I’ve been amazed by how much ground we cover, how deep we go and how powerful the process. I’ve been both counsellor and client in other therapeutic approaches over the years – and I’ve found the Journey infinitely more effective than anything else I’ve tried. Neil is a fantastic Journey practitioner; I trust him completely and appreciate his kindness, humour and commitment to helping me heal.” Al Brookes, Sussex

“Neil is very present when facilitating Journeys and has an unerring instinct for when something is authentic or a kind of avoidance. When it is the latter he will gently but firmly bring you into the emotion that needs to be felt and help you deepen into it, he will also help you uncover the key memory (or memories) that needs to be resolved and released. I have found Neil’s work very powerful and healing.” Maria Lalaouni, Athens, Greece

“In a nutshell things are amazing! Essentially I feel completely re-booted by the Journey we did. I feel fresh and light again!! I feel ‘buzzy’ like when I first left home and felt untouchable! Only now it’s in a much more sustainable way.” Teresa Young, Sussex

“I had an amazing Journey session with Neil del Strother. If you are drawn to the Journey I have to say he is maybe the best practitioner I have had the pleasure to work with. Thanks Neil. It’s wonderful work.” Leora James, Sussex

“I’m feeling good, even work and life stresses that are cropping up are not fazing me. I am much more calm, content and relaxed. I’m feeling like I can be more in the present rather than my mind wandering (and worrying!)” Roxanna Hempel, London

“I’m sleeping better and dreaming vividly. It’s been quite a journey! I feel that I can leave the past behind now and look forward with confidence instead of fear! Thank you Neil so much for helping me to find my ‘fairy garden’ again and to recover the childhood innocence that was lost; it’s as though my soul has been renewed and is no longer afraid to look for new adventures or to step out of my comfort zone. A soul that was afraid for more than 50 years now wants to dance and sing!” Caroline Heath, Sussex

“I’ve received several Journey processes from Neil and they are invariable of a very high quality. He will not leave a stone unturned if there can be healing potential to be had and he has an intuitive way to know which areas are most important to work with. I thoroughly recommend Neil as one of the best Journey practitioners around.” Patricia Patterson-Vanegas, Sussex